Lizzy Millar

Pakistan: Taseer’s daughter in UK speaks out against political Islam

by Lizzy Millar - 25th May 2011

International community must lobby government to reform madrassas, says murdered governor’s daughter.

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Fears for objectivity as a thousand citizen ‘journalists’ hit the religion beat

by Lizzy Millar - 11th May 2011

Gary Hoogvliet. Photo: Evangelical AllianceFaith-based charities are fighting back after decades of being ignored or misreported in the secular media - amid fears that the truth may suffer.

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UK foreign aid ‘wasted’ without religious freedom

by Lizzy Millar - 20th April 2011

British aid is ‘wasted’ in light of the increasing plight of religious minorities in countries such as Pakistan and Egypt, according to influential US commentator Paul Marshall.

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