Sean Oliver-Dee

ANALYSIS: Local terrorists or part of the plan to reinstate a caliphate?

by Sean Oliver-Dee - 20th June 2014

ISIS has the attention of the west but we should focus on radical Islam’s strategy to install a pure Islamic state across the globe, argues SEAN OLIVER-DEE

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ANALYSIS: East London Muslim vigilantes: it’s the territorial claims that are worrying

by Sean Oliver-Dee - 30th January 2013

Professor Lamin SannehScholars warned of territorial Islam in UK 25 years ago.  It should now be treated as a political crime, argues Sean Oliver-Dee.

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CENSUS ANALYSIS: Busy believers belie the statistics of doom

by Sean Oliver-Dee - 28th December 2012

Jesus House for All Nations: London’s Christians are on the increase. Photo: Jesus House While the Census shows that religious migrants are replacing the plummeting population of indigenous believers, a think tank reports that the media are more interested in Christians than ever.

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