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Islamists forcing Deoband’s ‘liberal’ head to quit

by Staff Reporter - 28th February 2011

The newly-elected head of India’s Deobandi seminary is under pressure to quit because of his liberal views.

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Defamation of religion manoeuvring at UN will 'silence dissent' says Nazir-Ali

by Staff Reporter - 8th September 2010

Muslims will end ‘one law for all’ in West. Read Dr Nazir-Ali’s paper.

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India ignores complaints against ‘paedophile’ godman

by Staff Reporter - 22nd June 2010

Lapido Media stringer Vishal Arora's year-long investigation into the Sathya Sai Baba cult which is the cover story of the June issue of The Caravan monthly reveals that not a single complaint of sex abuse against the guru has been investigated.

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