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India ignores complaints against ‘paedophile’ godman

by Staff Reporter - 22nd June 2010

Lapido Media stringer Vishal Arora's year-long investigation into the Sathya Sai Baba cult which is the cover story of the June issue of The Caravan monthly reveals that not a single complaint of sex abuse against the guru has been investigated.

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EXCLUSIVE: Surrey Muslims boycott social cohesion appointment

by Staff Reporter - 10th March 2010

The embarrassing appointment by Surrey County Council of a member of a ‘heretic’ branch of Islam to a ‘social cohesion’ post indicates the need for greater religious literacy in public affairs, Lapido Media said today.

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“Media’s religious ignorance is exposing us to terror”

by Staff Reporter - 24th February 2009

Paul MarshallAmerican media critic hits at UK journalists at launch of Blind Spot in London today.

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