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Copts are facing an escalation of violence, warn international experts

by Staff Reporter - 18th May 2011

Pope ShenoudaPolitical unrest in Egypt could spiral into ethnic violence on a mass scale unless the international community takes immediate action, an international group of experts and advocates has warned.

Lapido Media signs statement which condemns international reports of massacres of Copts as ‘sectarian clashes’.

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Islamists forcing Deoband’s ‘liberal’ head to quit

by Staff Reporter - 28th February 2011

The newly-elected head of India’s Deobandi seminary is under pressure to quit because of his liberal views.

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Defamation of religion manoeuvring at UN will 'silence dissent' says Nazir-Ali

by Staff Reporter - 8th September 2010

Muslims will end ‘one law for all’ in West. Read Dr Nazir-Ali’s paper.

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