Jenny Taylor

An established media professional, academic and writer, she trained with Yorkshire Post Newspapers and became the first race reporter in the Westminster Press Group, disconcertingly finding herself interviewing her heartthrob Cat Stevens, just after he became Yusuf Islam. She has travelled widely seeing the work of civil society organizations all over Asia and Africa at first hand. She is an expert on the connection between faith and culture, on which she has addressed parliamentary and Commonwealth gatherings. Her doctorate is from SOAS in London on Islam and secularization.


AMMAN: Charities were already stressed before Syria's refugee explosion

by Jenny Taylor - 10th August 2012

Syrian refugees in Jordan - Photo: Matthew BellAs the crisis deepens, we re-publish a report into provision for refugees who already make up half Jordan's population.

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EGYPT: ‘God is the one who is taking care of me.’

by Jenny Taylor - 11th July 2012

Already deluged by refugees from across the continent, Cairo’s All Saints Cathedral copes with the worsening situation for migrant women, writes Jenny Taylor

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Malaysian scholar challenges Prince to promote freedom as Oxford Islamic Centre wins Royal Charter

by Jenny Taylor - 15th May 2012

Malaysian PM attends Charles’ reception – despite Malay Bible ban at home.

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