Tablighi Jamaat in Britain

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Tablighi Jamaat in Britain 

Tablighi Jamaat, the world’s biggest Islamic revival movement, was founded in India in 1926 to purge the backslidden of British and Hindu influence.

Now it is here in force in the West, bent on building a supermosque in east London, and preparing the faithful for paradise. Their separatist ethos and other-worldly purpose divide scholars and puzzle journalists.

Author:  Dr Zacharias Pieri is a political sociologist with extensive ethnographic research experience of British Muslim communities.


‘In the context of polarised perceptions, Muslim and non-Muslim, about Tablighi Jamaat, this remains an accessible, balanced and informative report - a model of its kind.’ Dr Philip Lewis, Advisor on Interfaith Relations to the Bishop of Bradford. Author of Young, British and Muslim.



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