Blind Spot: When Journalists Don't Get Religion

by - 9th May 2009

"It's not often that I let out a whoop of joy when I read a book…this is the book I – and my students – have been waiting for.” Ari Goldman, Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism

Religious Intelligence

by - 9th May 2009

Since the events of 9/11 it has become increasingly evident that it is impossible to regard religion as a matter of personal belief alone and ban it from the public sphere. 

Religious Literacy

by - 9th May 2009

“US ambassadors to Muslim-majority countries don’t have to have any training in Islam.  That is not only foolhardy, it is dangerous.” - Stephen Prothero.

Crimes of the Commuinty: Honour-based violence in the UK

by - 9th May 2009

‘A devastating report on the rise of "honour-based" violence against women from immigrant communities in the UK.

Christianity or Occult?

by - 9th May 2009

As cases of kindoki or ‘child witch’ abuse re-surface in Britain, a new downloadable report brings together material by leading African and English scholars from a recent symposium that throws light on some of the allegations. A DVD of the event, which includes all the presentations, is available price £10 from Sola Kujore