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ANALYSIS Religion is like sex education: it must permeate the whole curriculum

by - 27th April 2016

RELIGION’s social and cultural importance must be explored in Britain for security’s sake, Professor John Wolffe told MPs this week.

Peaceful 'pillow protesters' take on EDL

by - 11th April 2016

THE English Defence League's latest protest was met with pillows, tea and cake. DAVID KNOWLES was there to investigate.

Now it’s undeniable: Deobandi mosques radicalise Britain’s Muslims

by - 6th April 2016

ISLAMIC separatism starts with the clergy, reports this week show.  Irfan al-Alawi summarises the findings

Hate-speech law ‘threatens learning’ – and commerce

by - 30th March 2016

ACROSS South Asia a colonial-era law is being used to silence religious dissent.