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May’s counter-extremism measures will ‘break Muslim hearts’

by Mané Grigoryan - 15th May 2015

CATHEDRAL-based Muslim outreach worker says conversation more effective than legislation

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Yehuda Glick permitted back on Temple Mount – kind of

by Charles Cameron - 13th May 2015

EVEN a non-Muslim moving his or her lips in apparent prayer on the Mount was forbidden by the Waqf and reinforced by the Israeli government - until now, reports CHARLES CAMERON

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ANALYSIS: ISIS and the use of violence

by David Knowles - 8th May 2015

ISLAMIC State violence is not simple barbarism, it is a calculated propaganda tool for terrorising those under IS control while inspiring possible recruits

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  • Multiculturalism was the extension of 1960s ghetto politics which linked race and territory. As a policy, it lies buried with the bodies of 52 commuters of all races and religions who died on the London Underground on 7 July 2005.

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