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ANALYSIS: Can ‘obscure cleric’ save Iraq from brutal terrorism of ISIS?

by Charles Cameron - 18th June 2014

THE WORLD should be grateful to al-Sistani, argues CHARLES CAMERON. Touted as a potential Nobel Peace Prize winner, he's shown great restraint in dealing with rising sectarian cleansing. 

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Political correctness denies British Muslim children their freedom

by Jenny Taylor - 16th June 2014

THE TROJAN HORSE story is 'not about extremism but the consolidation of strict Islam', argues Dr Jenny Taylor in The Tablet 

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Maiduguri: life inside the Nigerian city gripped by fear

by Hassan John - 11th June 2014

BOKO HARAM continue their assault on Borno State’s largest city. Lapido hears from two families who've escaped to the relative safety of nearby Jos

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  • Multiculturalism was the extension of 1960s ghetto politics which linked race and territory. As a policy, it lies buried with the bodies of 52 commuters of all races and religions who died on the London Underground on 7 July 2005.

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