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Long-term Gaza solution lies in Fatah pushing Hamas out of strip

by Sam Hailes - 1st August 2014

FORMER government spokesperson Mr Uri Dromi challenges Israel to work alongside Abu Mazen’s Fatah party in Gaza.

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Plea by former mayor to help town hit by 8,000 Hamas missiles

by Ruth Gledhill - 29th July 2014

'Children are reaching bar mitzvah age without ever having known what it is like not to be under rocket attack.' The former mayor of Sderot is in London to ask for help and understanding for his besieged home town. Ruth Gledhill reports.

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Are Pakistani Hindus wise to walk out on their homeland?

by Slok Gyawali - 25th July 2014

WHETHER driven out of their country by persecution or a ‘fear psychosis’, Pakistani Hindus are finding a welcome from India’s right wing, finds SLOK GYAWALI.

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  • Multiculturalism was the extension of 1960s ghetto politics which linked race and territory. As a policy, it lies buried with the bodies of 52 commuters of all races and religions who died on the London Underground on 7 July 2005.

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