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EXCLUSIVE - EXODUS FROM IRAQ: Erbil Archbishop interviewed

by Andrew Boyd - 8th August 2014

‘I IMAGINE a country where churches are just for tourism,’ the head of the Catholic church in Erbil – the destination for Christians fleeing Mosul – tells ANDREW BOYD

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Funeral fiasco shows Tibetans right to fear Chinese hand in Kathmandu

by Slok Gyawali - 6th August 2014

SHAMAR RINPOCHE, the Tibetan Buddhist leader third only to the Dalai Lama, was eventually laid to rest but, finds SLOK GYAWALI, not before Nepal played politics with his funeral.  

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Long-term Gaza solution lies in Fatah pushing Hamas out of strip

by Sam Hailes - 1st August 2014

FORMER government spokesperson Mr Uri Dromi challenges Israel to work alongside Abu Mazen’s Fatah party in Gaza.

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