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Egypt: Church burning reveals ugly contest over truth and victimhood

by Jayson Casper - 20th August 2013

Copts pray at a burnt-out church in Minya (August 15). Photo: Mina RizkallaLapido talks to all sides and finds chaotic messages that reach neither the street nor the media.

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Tibetan self-immolations on the rise as China's assimilation policy backfires spectacularly

by Vishal Arora - 14th August 2013

Exiled Tibetan youth in India have regularly held peaceful ralliesSelf-immolation is the strongest possible refusal of subjugation.’ We report on the latest in an agonising trend that is proving catastrophic for Beijing’s international reputation.

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Shades of Amin: law regulating public gatherings could affect freedom of worship

by David Sseppuuya - 8th August 2013

Bishop Zac NiringiyeAll small gatherings will be suspect as Uganda's latest new law draws international disbelief.

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