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World’s worst religious freedom violators ‘escaping accountability’

by Sam Hailes - 14th November 2014

PROFESSOR Robert George says violations continue because the Obama administration has failed to implement its own law on religious freedom. SAM HAILES reports.

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EXCLUSIVE Survivors describe the horrors of falling into the hands of the 'Russian Orthodox Army'

by Natalia Liubchenkova - 12th November 2014

IN EXCLUSIVE interviews, NATALIA LIUBCHENKOVA meets two men driven by their faith to help those caught up in eastern Ukraine’s violent conflict.

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Sand not just mud: 100 years on we remember . . . the wrong war?

by Jenny Taylor - 7th November 2014

CAUGHT between the Jews yearning for a homeland, and Arabs yearning to restore the caliphate to Mecca, Britain played a decisive role that is returning to haunt us.

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