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Collective religious hatred ‘not natural’ says UN Rapporteur

by - 28th January 2014

Heiner Bielefeldt tells Lapido better religious literacy is essential to head off conflicts in future.

Multiculturalism has failed to help integration, first British youth religion survey finds

by - 16th January 2014

‘It’s easier to be friends with those with shared understandings and cultures’, findings conclude.

Lowering age of consent would harm anti-trafficking efforts - claim

by - 11th December 2013

SEX SLAVERY problem in West is sign of diminished state of Christianity, argues scholar.

Thousands were praying for ‘targeted’ Syrian Christians as peace talks announced

by - 4th December 2013

A WEAPON of change or a cheap social media bandwagon? Syrian war provokes huge prayer campaign.

Nigerian tells of ‘miraculous deliverance’ from execution

by - 20th November 2013

Adamu HabilaADAMU HABILA was threatened with death by Boko Haram for being a Christian. He was shot in the face and left for dead. He now speaks of the urgent need for peace in Nigeria.