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EXCLUSIVE: Ethiopia’s first African-trained paediatric surgeon offers children a glimmer of hope

by Jayson Casper - 27th March 2013

Ethiopian partnershipChristian ministry at heart of effort to increase surgical capacity in all of Africa.

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‘Give our money back’ Northern Uganda churchmen tell government

by David Sseppuuya - 20th March 2013

UK donors paid for this Centre, which is now closed due to embezzlementDespair returns to the country UK churches did so much to help.

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Is Tanzania going the way of Northern Nigeria, Somalia, Mali ... ?

by Our Correspondent - 13th March 2013

Journalist Dismas Lyassa who is watching peaceable Tanzania fall apartWe focus spotlight on a new theatre of communal strife where brutal murder, and claims to commercial and territorial monopolies ring all the usual alarm bells.

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