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MP backs report’s call for greater religious literacy

by Sam Hailes - 5th January 2015

THE CHAIR of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Global Uncertainties, John Glen says there needs to be ‘greater religious literacy’ in the media. SAM HAILES reports.

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An Abyssinian moment in the Chiltern Hills

by Jenny Taylor - 17th December 2014

HIGH WYCOMBE is turning into a horror movie with news today of the arrest of yet another alleged terrorist.  But JENNY TAYLOR who was given unprecedented access to a remarkable interfaith initiative there, finds the town surprisingly sanguine.

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Health warning: discarding worn-out Qur’ans can cost you your life

by Asif Aqeel - 12th December 2014

POOR UNDERSTANDING of Islamic law by Muslims nearly led to the death of 24 Christian families. ASIF AQEEL interviewed witnesses in the latest blasphemy case.

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