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UK: An Iranian is dying to believe – and no one seems to care

by Our Correspondent - 20th August 2012

ON A SMALL SQUARE in bustling central London there is a green tent. Inside that tent sits a man who has not eaten for more than two weeks.

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AMMAN: Charities were already stressed before Syria's refugee explosion

by Jenny Taylor - 10th August 2012

Syrian refugees in Jordan - Photo: Matthew BellAs the crisis deepens, we re-publish a report into provision for refugees who already make up half Jordan's population.

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Egypt: Copts split over Christian boycott of Clinton over support for ‘Islamo-fascism’ in Middle East

by Jayson Casper - 1st August 2012

Lapido finds that church and political leaders are at odds over ‘alliance’ between the US and Muslim Brotherhood.

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