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EXCLUSIVE - UKRAINE: a religious country on its knees

by - 5th March 2014

UNREPORTED until now, Christians mobilized the Ukraine protests – and are keeping the peace now. Ukrainian journalist NATALIYA LYUBCHENKOVA reports on a remarkable coalition.

Maldives Home Minister remains ‘firm’ on death penalty

by - 26th February 2014

POLITICISATION of religion could be behind move to reinforce hudud penalties as holiday destination reveals its dark side.

The religion taboo

by - 19th February 2014

DR JENNY TAYLOR argues in the latest issue of Case magazine that journalists are gradually beginning to 'get religion' despite the 'religion taboo'.

Dowden slams Daily Mail for coverage of war trauma in Africa

by - 12th February 2014

 NEGLECTED by their governments and misunderstood by Western media, Africa's trauma victims should haunt all our consciences.

‘This report would not have saved Lee Rigby’

by - 4th February 2014

HENRY JACKSON SOCIETY REPORT is 'part of worldwide movement to "save Islam" from its own extremes’