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London police repeatedly rebuffed frightened honour killing victim

by Dominik Lemanski - 16th January 2015

WHEN love becomes a capital offence the UK seems helpless to prevent it. DOMINIK LEMANSKI sheds light on the reluctance of the British authorities to deal with 'honour' killings.

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Journalists, academics and politicians meet for national consultation on religious literacy

PHOTOGRAPHS from 'Getting Religion', an event organised jointly by Lapido Media and the Open University to launch the Religion, Security and Global Uncertainties report on 6 January. Photography by GEOFF CRAWFORD.

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Getting Religion: journalists must be ‘braver’ says BBC correspondent

by Sam Hailes - 7th January 2015

THE BBC’s Religious Affairs Correspondent Caroline Wyatt was speaking at the launch of the Open University’s report on Religion, Security and Global Uncertainties, hosted by Lapido Media. SAM HAILES reports.

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