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Sand not just mud: 100 years on we remember . . . the wrong war?

by Jenny Taylor - 7th November 2014

CAUGHT between the Jews yearning for a homeland, and Arabs yearning to restore the caliphate to Mecca, Britain played a decisive role that is returning to haunt us.

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Are Islamic terror plots in Egypt just ‘crazy theories’?

by Jayson Casper - 5th November 2014

A MEDIA COMMENTATOR who won't reveal the source of his leaked evidence of Muslim Brotherhood terrorism may not be the best way to convince the West to intervene in Egypt. JAYSON CASPER reports.

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Hong Kong revolt fans Tibet's 'burning desire for freedom'

by Slok Gyawali - 31st October 2014

AS DEMONSTRATIONS in Hong Kong enter their second month, SLOK GYAWALI speaks to leaders of the Tibetan community who are hoping China will deliver real change.

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