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Egypt: Divided society drives ‘preacher of the revolution’ to lonely hunger strike

by - 30th April 2014

TWENTY TWO days without food, his critique of Sisi and protest against current conditions alienates fellow Copts.

Communication should be a human right, journalists told

by - 22nd April 2014

ASSASSINATED Bishop who used radio sermons to speak out against violence should be the inspiration for Christians working in the media.

The Coptic Canadian surgeon who is going home to serve the poor

by - 2nd April 2014

SIXTY PER CENT of Egyptian doctors work abroad, and rural hospitals suffer the most - until now.

MALDIVES: Cleric calls for FGM on Islamic grounds

by - 12th March 2014

FIQH ACADEMY seeks to revive barbaric practice in ugly trade-off with Saudi Arabia.