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British MPs’ invite to Indian leader Modi ‘grotesque’, say scholars

by Staff Reporter - 28th August 2013

'Wilful ignorance': Labour MP Barry GardinerLEADING academics in the United Kingdom have responded with alarm to British parliamentarians who have invited India’s Hindu nationalist leader Narendra Modi to address the House of Commons at ‘a future date’.

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Egypt: Church burning reveals ugly contest over truth and victimhood

by Jayson Casper - 20th August 2013

Copts pray at a burnt-out church in Minya (August 15). Photo: Mina RizkallaLapido talks to all sides and finds chaotic messages that reach neither the street nor the media.

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Tibetan self-immolations on the rise as China's assimilation policy backfires spectacularly

by Vishal Arora - 14th August 2013

Exiled Tibetan youth in India have regularly held peaceful ralliesSelf-immolation is the strongest possible refusal of subjugation.’ We report on the latest in an agonising trend that is proving catastrophic for Beijing’s international reputation.

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