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Egypt: Copts split over Christian boycott of Clinton over support for ‘Islamo-fascism’ in Middle East

by Jayson Casper - 1st August 2012

Lapido finds that church and political leaders are at odds over ‘alliance’ between the US and Muslim Brotherhood.

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Libya: More destruction of Sufi tombs shows Islamists are not defeated

by Irfan Al-Alawi - 25th July 2012

Decisive election win for moderates has pro-Islamist Chief Mufti in an ideological spin.

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KARACHI: Sufi pilgrims defiant despite threats

by Paaras Abbas - 18th July 2012

Awareness of a concerted global strategy by Saudi-style religionists to destroy folk Islam is growing.  What effect have the Timbuktu bombings had elsewhere?

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