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Nigerian editors rejecting Boko Haram stories with religious angle

by Hassan John - 23rd May 2014

JOURNALISTS in Nigeria suspect a conspiracy is keeping attacks on Christians out of the headlines. HASSAN JOHN reports from Jos

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Woolwich ‘crossed a line’ and fuels growing Islamophobia

by Sam Hailes - 20th May 2014

ONE YEAR on from the murder of Lee Rigby, Dr Usama Hasan, a counter-extremism expert from the Quilliam Foundation discusses the dual problem of Islamophobia and Islamism

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ANALYSIS: Forced conversion their only hope?

by Zacharias Pieri - 16th May 2014

NEW ANALYSIS by Zacharias Pieri, an expert on Islamist movements, reveals symbolism behind the staged Boko Haram video of the kidnapped schoolgirls.

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