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Young British Sikhs at daggers drawn over interfaith weddings

by - 21st September 2016

AS POLICE arrest 55 at a Leamington gurdwara, community leaders fear Britain is becoming a test bed for radical Sikhism.

ANALYSIS When laïcité destroys egalité and fraternité

by - 14th September 2016

FRANCE’s official ‘see no religion’ stance is to blame for the alienation of many in its large Muslim population.

Mother Teresa: the making of a saint

by - 7th September 2016

A NUN whose phenomenal self-sacrifice served the poorest? Or a woman more interested that the poor in her care should die Catholic than in providing them with medical treatment? Either way, Mother Teresa of Calcutta has been declared a saint.

ICC Ignores Ideological Motive in Timbuktu Crimes

by - 31st August 2016

A FUNDAMENTALIST has admitted the ‘destruction of historic and religious monuments’ in Mali. But what drove former civil servant Ahmad Al Faqi Al Mahdi to attack the heritage sites?

Aleppo horror: Be careful whose side you're on

by - 24th August 2016

LITTLE Omran Daqneesh has stared bloodied and confused from almost every newspaper on the planet in the past seven days. But there is another side to the horror in Aleppo – and children are dying there too.