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Thousands were praying for ‘targeted’ Syrian Christians as peace talks announced

by Sam Hailes - 4th December 2013

A WEAPON of change or a cheap social media bandwagon? Syrian war provokes huge prayer campaign.

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Nigerian tells of ‘miraculous deliverance’ from execution

by Sam Hailes - 20th November 2013

Adamu HabilaADAMU HABILA was threatened with death by Boko Haram for being a Christian. He was shot in the face and left for dead. He now speaks of the urgent need for peace in Nigeria.

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Dr Shakman Hurd warns ‘religious freedom’ laws could produce ‘more harm than good’

by Sam Hailes - 15th November 2013

Dr Elizabeth Shakman HurdRELIGIOUS freedom laws could do 'more harm than good', Dr Beth Shakman Hurd warned students at London School of Economics.

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