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GUEST BLOG: Bearing the cross: A letter to ISIS

by Mark Durie - 20th February 2015

AN Anglican theologian and world-renowned Islamics scholar reacts to the slaying of 21 Copts on a Mediterranean beach.

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ANALYSIS: The strange masochism of Labour-supporting evangelicals

by Ed West - 20th February 2015

MANY UK evangelicals are set to vote Labour at the next election. ED WEST looks in detail at the results of the Evangelical Alliance's recent survey.

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ANALYSIS: ‘Mosque war’ in the UK

by Irfan Al-Alawi - 20th February 2015

ALMOST half of British mosques belong to the radical-fundamentalist Deobandi and Wahhabi (so-called ‘Salafi’) factions. IRFAN AL-ALAWI reports.

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