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Shariah Councils in Britain are ‘archaic’, ‘incompetent’ - and increasingly popular

by Irfan Al-Alawi - 24th April 2013

Dr Ghayasuddin Siddiqui, Muslim InstituteAttempts to introduce a parallel shariah legal system are ‘unprecedented’ in Western communities and expose Muslim women to violence.

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Islam preacher says it is ok for men to beat their wives

by Dominik Lemanski - 17th April 2013

Abdur Raheem Green A charity led by a white Muslim convert who says it is OK for men to beat their wives may have coined in a £160,000 tax break.

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Scruton says 'Remove sex education from the curriculum' in wake of new gang sex statistics

by Chine Mbubaegbu - 10th April 2013

‘Sex teaching disables love’: Professor Roger Scruton'Schools should not be teaching young children about sex. It's just putting the idea into their heads' says former school gang-rape victim.

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