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New report claims ‘participation’ will usher political Islam into Europe

by - 18th July 2014

THE ISLAMIC long game to take over Europe is a far bigger threat to Western society than young Muslims returning home from wars in Syria and Iraq, says security specialist.

Egypt: Christian's sexual harassment campaign endorsed by government

by - 16th July 2014

COPTIC CHRISTIAN'S work reaches thousands of children in a country where sexual assault is endemic. JAYSON CASPER hears that Sisi’s ministers are paying attention.

New report on rising Muslim attacks sidesteps 'exaggeration' claims

by - 11th July 2014

CONTROVERSIAL think tank Quilliam has backed Tell MAMA’s report despite previous rulings against the group by the Press Complaints Commission.

Threat to sacred cows gets Nepalese fingers pointing at new converts

by - 9th July 2014

SLOK GYAWALI finds that a rise in both the slaughter of Nepal’s national animal and conversion to other faiths is fueling suspicions of an anti-Hindu agenda.

Cameron's 'British values' are a 'tasteless soup' says academic

by - 2nd July 2014

SOCIOLOGIST says Britishness should be a multicultural identity, as debate over David Cameron's British values continues.