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Malaysian scholar challenges Prince to promote freedom as Oxford Islamic Centre wins Royal Charter

by Jenny Taylor - 15th May 2012

Malaysian PM attends Charles’ reception – despite Malay Bible ban at home.

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(Still not) Finding Kony

by Jenny Taylor - 9th May 2012

The BBC’s Dan Damon has just been in the Central African Republic and Uganda, travelling with the US Army to report on the hunt for mass child-abductor Joseph Kony.  One hundred special-forces soldiers are deployed there to assist armies of four countries still ravaged by the brutal leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army. Lapido asked Dan about his week-long trip into one of the most remote parts of Africa.

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Egypt: Is feminization key to future?

by Jayson Casper - 2nd May 2012

Surprising images and passionate performances mark fourth annual Caravan Festival of Arts in post-revolutionary Cairo.

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