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Academics mixed on EDL leaders' decision to join Muslim think tank

by Jenny Taylor - 9th October 2013

Tommy RobinsonQUILLIAM to give ‘training in democracy’ to leaders of Britain’s biggest street protest movement.

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‘Reporting the Middle East: Why the truth is getting lost’

by Our Correspondent - 26th September 2013

FEATURED VIDEO AND AUDIO His Grace Bishop Angaelos, Betsy Hiel, Douglas Murray (Chair), Nina Shea and Tom Holland at the Lapido Media/Henry Jackson Society event ‘Reporting the Middle East: Why the Truth is Getting Lost’

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The silence of our friends – the extinction of Christianity in the Middle East

by Ed West - 24th September 2013

The SpectatorTHE LAST month and a half has seen the worst anti-Christian violence in Egypt in seven centuries. Yet the western media has mainly focussed on army assaults on the Muslim Brotherhood.

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