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Egypt: Does God permit a Muslim to break a promise?

by Jayson Casper - 11th April 2012

Brotherhood U-turn on fielding a presidential candidate sparks outrage. ‘They want to consolidate power’ says Azhar scholar.

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Kony2012: the world is now waiting

by David Sseppuuya - 4th April 2012

Irresolution, naivety and politics could still kybosh the hunt for the world’s most wanted man. David Sseppuuya surveys Ugandan reaction to the 'get Kony' campaign.

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AFRICA: War and car insurance are God's business

by Paaras Abbas - 4th April 2012

US foreign correspondent Eliza Griswold recently urged editors to deconstruct their ideas of religion to report the truth, reports Paaras Abbas.

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