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Syrian minorities fear a Western attack will be seen as ‘Christian’

by Chine Mbubaegbu - 18th September 2013

Church volunteers register thousands of homeless Syrians. Photo: IOCC/GOPA.

‘WE are providing aid to all people regardless of political beliefs or faith affiliations.’

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'Let clergy help end Syria madness'

by John Martin - 13th September 2013

Revd Nadim Nassar. Photo: Youtube.comWORLD'S ONLY Syrian Anglican clergyman says secular Western proposals will not bring peace to a religious people.

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'We will never eradicate racism'

by Chine Mbubaegbu - 4th September 2013

No stereotype: Bishop Joe AldredON the eve of Racial Justice Sunday, activist’s controversial call to end discourse of oppression.

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