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Is Tanzania going the way of Northern Nigeria, Somalia, Mali ... ?

by Our Correspondent - 13th March 2013

Journalist Dismas Lyassa who is watching peaceable Tanzania fall apartWe focus spotlight on a new theatre of communal strife where brutal murder, and claims to commercial and territorial monopolies ring all the usual alarm bells.

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‘Students want old-fashioned dates back’ – US research

by Jenny Taylor - 7th March 2013

The TabletToo much sex – the sexualisation of society?’  Read Donna de Freitas and Jenny Taylor in The Tablet for the Westminster Faith Debate.

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‘I don’t repent’, says Farooq who accused imams of ‘mind-boggling banality’

by Wilf Merttens - 27th February 2013

Farooq Siddique Tensions over leadership crisis in one British city erupt in violence – but is change coming?

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