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ANALYSIS: Understanding the jihadists through their poetry and piety

by Charles Cameron - 12th June 2015

THE little noticed poetry of the jihadists may hold the key to understanding both their passion and their piety.

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ANALYSIS: Religion and Language in Britain Today

by Lauren Razavi - 10th June 2015

RELIGION and language have become areas of considerable contention in Britain over the past few years

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ANALYSIS: 'Brotherhood’s call for retribution is religious violence’

by Jayson Casper - 5th June 2015

A NEW document signed by over 150 Muslim scholars peels away the ambiguity in the Islamist struggle against Egypt’s President Sisi

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  • The Story of the Jews: Finding the Words 1000 BCE– 492 CE.

    IF ONE IS LOOKING for a critique of Judaism, or an ethnography of the Jews, Simon Schama's book is not the place to find it.  This is a broad panorama of Jewish history which traces a remarkable love affair with words, argues Lela Gilbert.