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Nigerian tells of ‘miraculous deliverance’ from execution

by Sam Hailes - 20th November 2013

Adamu HabilaADAMU HABILA was threatened with death by Boko Haram for being a Christian. He was shot in the face and left for dead. He now speaks of the urgent need for peace in Nigeria.

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Dr Shakman Hurd warns ‘religious freedom’ laws could produce ‘more harm than good’

by Sam Hailes - 15th November 2013

Dr Elizabeth Shakman HurdRELIGIOUS freedom laws could do 'more harm than good', Dr Beth Shakman Hurd warned students at London School of Economics.

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Pakistan: A land for Muslims and non-Muslims any more?

by Our Correspondent - 6th November 2013

DESPITE spiralling sectarianism, it was in the ambulances of an Islamist organisation that victims of Islamist violence were ferried to hospital six weeks ago.  On the eve of All Saints’ Day, Ejaz Gill tells Lapido about living through the Peshawar church bombing.

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