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What now for Tablighi Jamaat after death of leader?

by Zacharias Pieri - 20th February 2016

Hafiz Mohammad Patel, the Amir of Tablighi Jamaat in Britain and the man tasked to win the UK for Islam has died at the age of 92. Here Dr Zacharias Pieri examines the implications.

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ANALYSIS Assad or the Islamists? Christians weigh their options

by John Pontifex - 19th February 2016

JOHN PONTIFEX travelled to Syria to ask the question most journalists refuse to address.

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Stop yelling, get out your knitting needles and join the revolution!

by Catherine Larner - 17th February 2016

BETTER than a screaming placard or a brick through the window, a politer kind of protest is set to change your world.

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