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WEST AFRICA: Rituals drive spike in Ebola infections

by Rex Johnson and Kaipee Newray Luther - 21st November 2014

EBOLA OUTBREAKS are still climbing in parts of West Africa as health messages fail to address religious and cultural practices. Report by KAIPEE NEWRAY LUTHER in Liberia and REX JOHNSON
 in Sierra Leone.

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ANALYSIS The West is wrong to back ‘moderate’ Islamism

by Frans Veerman - 19th November 2014

FRANS VEERMAN argues that ‘no category of Islamism can be lured into an agenda other than submission of the world to Allah’.

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World’s worst religious freedom violators ‘escaping accountability’

by Sam Hailes - 14th November 2014

PROFESSOR Robert George says violations continue because the Obama administration has failed to implement its own law on religious freedom. SAM HAILES reports.

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