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'Let's talk about jihad.'

by - 20th January 2016

'I MEAN really talk about it' British teacher tells All Party Parliamentary Group on Religious Education.

Divisive Ayodhya temple project has India in jitters all over again

by - 13th January 2016

The struggle to build the ‘mother’ temple of India’s most popular avatar in Ayodhya is a struggle over the idea of India.

ANALYSIS Time to consider why the ‘religion of peace’ is so bloody

by - 23rd December 2015

RESPONSES to terrorism by Western leaders that defend Islam as 'a religion of peace' do more harm than good, writes MARK DURIE.

Christian partnership with UAE royals guarantees safer childbirth

by - 16th December 2015

Before the hospital, thirty per cent of women died in childbirth and sixty per cent of children died before they were six years old.’

ANALYSIS: Christianised Islam is root of UK’s Muslim reform movement

by - 9th December 2015

TOMORROW is Human Rights Day. JENNY TAYLOR looks at the influence of Christianity on the man leading the fight against extremism in Britain.