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‘Understand ISIS’ former Archbishop Rowan Williams advises journalists

by David Knowles - 18th November 2015

FORMER Archbishop advocates education to combat threat of a ‘colossal loss of humanity’ in the wake of Paris attacks.

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ANALYSIS Paris attacks were not 'nihilism' but sacred strategy

by Mark Durie - 16th November 2015

British commentator Janet Daley's piece in The Telegraph stands for everything woeful about the European elites' response to Islamic jihad. It is a triumph of religious illiteracy.

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ANALYSIS: 'Not in our name': Huge Wembley reception for Modi also sparks 'biggest protests'

by Slok Gyawali - 11th November 2015

HIGH-PROFILE divisions in the UK’s India diaspora will hurt Narendra Modi’s image as a global leader.

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