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From Tunisia to Hungary: Lessons in solidarity for the persecuted

by Our Correspondent - 8th May 2013

Journalist Lela Gilbert Jews are puzzled by the lack of Christian resolve in the face of persecution, writes the Jerusalem-based co-author of a new book Persecuted: The Global Assault on Christianity.

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ANALYSIS: Thumbs up from the international press for Pope Francis

by Tomi Ajayi - 1st May 2013

Pope Francis. Photo: ReutersWe look at international coverage of Pope Francis’ election, and wonder if we are witnessing a new open-mindedness about the possibilities of religion.

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Egypt: Coptic Palm Sunday street parade is axed to keep the peace

by Jayson Casper - 1st May 2013

Coptic Bishop Thomas of Asyut Diocese celebrates within boundsBut Collapse of government in Egypt has a silver lining, as building booms for put-upon Copts.

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