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ANALYSIS: Local terrorists or part of the plan to reinstate a caliphate?

by Sean Oliver-Dee - 20th June 2014

ISIS has the attention of the west but we should focus on radical Islam’s strategy to install a pure Islamic state across the globe, argues SEAN OLIVER-DEE

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Megamosque 'would remain island of separate development'

Lawyers will today make closing statements in planning appeal over Europe's 'largest mosque'. Lapido Director DR JENNY TAYLOR gave evidence against as expert witness, here

Appeal barrister's closing statement here

ANALYSIS: Can ‘obscure cleric’ save Iraq from brutal terrorism of ISIS?

by Charles Cameron - 18th June 2014

THE WORLD should be grateful to al-Sistani, argues CHARLES CAMERON. Touted as a potential Nobel Peace Prize winner, he's shown great restraint in dealing with rising sectarian cleansing. 

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  • The Rushdie affair has resulted insidiously in the secularization of blasphemy: a form of self-censorship that limits our freedoms as much as any ghetto, argues Jenny Taylor in this quarter's Gospel and Our Culture Newsletter.