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ANALYSIS Non-Muslim women: the unpalatable truth

by Our Correspondent - 29th May 2013

Dr Taj Hargey: 'Outright condemnation'Muslims have not reached agreement about the status of ‘unbelievers’ in Britain, but, says Georgina Jardim, a researcher in women’s affairs in Islam, the future safety of young white girls depends on it.

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Politics and prejudice: India’s Muslim women face a double whammy over divorce reform

by Sunny Peter - 22nd May 2013

Dr Seema Kazi: ‘Clergy too powerful’As divorces by SMS in India increase, activists seem paralysed over political remedies in the run-up to next year’s election.

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From Tunisia to Hungary: Lessons in solidarity for the persecuted

by Our Correspondent - 8th May 2013

Journalist Lela Gilbert Jews are puzzled by the lack of Christian resolve in the face of persecution, writes the Jerusalem-based co-author of a new book Persecuted: The Global Assault on Christianity.

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  • The Rushdie affair has resulted insidiously in the secularization of blasphemy: a form of self-censorship that limits our freedoms as much as any ghetto, argues Jenny Taylor in this quarter's Gospel and Our Culture Newsletter.