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“Sometimes journalists can step in when police and government fail.”

by Abigail Frymann Rouch - 9th December 2016

THE TIMES’ Chief Investigative Reporter Andrew Norfolk tells ABIGAIL FRYMANN ROUCH how prioritising religious literacy over political correctness gave him the tools to hold three communities to account.

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NEWS FOCUS Eurocrats back new European Academy of Religion

by Jenny Taylor - 7th December 2016

A DOSE of seventeenth-century Persian poetry might do more than the Prevent programme and its ilk ever could, believes Professor Melloni.

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Freedom in Cuba remains a dream - writes former World correspondent

by Mariusa Reyes - 30th November 2016

CLAPPED-out Russian Ladas, endless speeches, and a ban on charities characterized Castro’s religion-hating revolution, writes former World correspondent MARIUSA REYES

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