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BRIEFING Khalsa, caste and Khalistan: Sikh mobilization counters Britons' identity deficit

by Our Correspondent - 22nd September 2016

THE confrontation between police and protesters at a Sikh temple in Warwickshire reflects increased mobilization of religious fervour among Sikh youth.

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Young British Sikhs at daggers drawn over interfaith weddings

by Heather Tomlinson - 21st September 2016

AS POLICE arrest 55 at a Leamington gurdwara, community leaders fear Britain is becoming a test bed for radical Sikhism.

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ANALYSIS When laïcité destroys egalité and fraternité

by Charles Cameron - 14th September 2016

FRANCE’s official ‘see no religion’ stance is to blame for the alienation of many in its large Muslim population.

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