International Association of Religion Journalists

Arab Vision

International News Safety Institute

Hannah Shah
Author of The Imam’s Daughter

Promotion of peace, justice and youth cooperation

Religion Law UK

The Witherspoon Institute
An independent research centre in Princeton, New Jersey

Theos - The public theology think tank

The Diocese Of Northern Uganda

Frontline Club
Championing independent journalism

The Women's Library
Celebrating and recording women's lives

Renewing the evangelical centre

Anglican Mainstream
Strengthening the faith

BBC Radio 4 - Today Programme

BBC World Service

Policy Exchange

Alliance Defending Freedom

Institute for Public Policy Research
Challenging ideas - Changing policy

Jesus House - For all nations

Muslim Institute

The City Circle

Standpoint Magazine

Religious diversity and secular models in Europe


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World Media Watch

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  • The Story of the Jews: Finding the Words 1000 BCE– 492 CE.

    IF ONE IS LOOKING for a critique of Judaism, or an ethnography of the Jews, Simon Schama's book is not the place to find it.  This is a broad panorama of Jewish history which traces a remarkable love affair with words, argues Lela Gilbert.