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Bahrain: Burt must see that the 'tolerance' is just for show

The King of Bahrain was in Britain last week while Alistair Burt, the responsible Foreign Minister, made a reciprocal visit to this desert island of 1.2million in the Gulf off Saudi Arabia.  I hope Mr Burt who is an evangelical Christian, spoke up for more than 'tolerance'.

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Honour, shame and the cross-dressing potter


Watching BBC World TV’s trailer for its current affairs strand Hard Talk where I’m staying in Amman, Jordan tonight, and cringeing at how weird and out of touch the BBC’s world is

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Peers ponder the obvious, after the riots

I've just received this.  

Riots Communities and Victims Panel

Asked By Lord McKenzie of Luton: To ask Her Majesty's Government what is their response to the recommendations for immediate action contained in the interim report of the Riots Communities and Victims Panel published on 28 November.

 The Lord Bishop of Ripon and Leeds: My Lords, one of the most heart-warming flipsides of the tragedy of the riots that comes out from the report was the way in which it brought out the best in so many people, including many yo

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Featured Publication

  • Multiculturalism was the extension of 1960s ghetto politics which linked race and territory. As a policy, it lies buried with the bodies of 52 commuters of all races and religions who died on the London Underground on 7 July 2005.

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