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The thoughts of Benedict

Amid all the sturm und drang of media-generated ‘shock’ at the Pope’s abdication, the sheer breathtaking nastiness, hypocrisy, and conspiracy theories of commentators without a religious bone in their bodies (and some who believe they have), you might not learn much about the great man himself. 

So I reproduce here a few perhaps surprising bons mots garnered in preparation for a Russia Today TV interview:

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Leveson, the megamosque and reporting Islam

Tonight at 6pm (Wednesday 5 December) Newham Council’s Strategic Development Committee meets to hear why its officers are recommending refusal of outline plans for the Riverine Centre, aka ‘megamosque’. 

In a fairly scary YouTube video, one Sheikh Haitham al-Haddad, yet another pantomime bearded finger-wagger who has set up home among the infidel and who, according to Quilliam Foundation has ‘tens of thousands of followers’ – has called for a protest of up to 15,000 Muslims with their families outside the council offices. 

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Women bishops

One small thought.  If the church is advocating ‘flat structures’, is anti-hierarchy, professes a saviour who told his disciples not to lord it over each other, and went everywhere with people whom he described as ‘friends’ and whose slave he insisted on being right to the very end, why do they want bishops?


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