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Archbishop Welby: 'We will re-convert the country'

By Guest Blogger Andrew Atherstan

Archbishop Justin Welby very seldom uses the E-word – ‘Evangelical’. He mentions it only when amongst friends. Speaking at New Wine, for example, in 2006 he declared: ‘I’m an orthodox Bible-believing Evangelical ... Scripture is my final authority for all matters of life and of doctrine.’ But it’s not a label he usually chooses to define himself.

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Emotionally unprotected sex

Speaking at last week’s Westminster Faith Debate on sexualization, I was struck by two things – first, that I was the only one on the panel or in the dialogue afterwards who mentioned how liberating Christian teaching on the body is.

And the second was how dominant the Jewish view of sex and marriage has become: almost the default position now.

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The thoughts of Benedict

Amid all the sturm und drang of media-generated ‘shock’ at the Pope’s abdication, the sheer breathtaking nastiness, hypocrisy, and conspiracy theories of commentators without a religious bone in their bodies (and some who believe they have), you might not learn much about the great man himself. 

So I reproduce here a few perhaps surprising bons mots garnered in preparation for a Russia Today TV interview:

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