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Jubilee and the X-factor Queen

Of 31 monarchs in Europe, the English Queen is the only remaining anointed one.  Jubilee watchers will have been affected by this in unfamiliar ways, which may account for some of the outpouring of feeling.

For unlike politicians or presidents, the Queen embodies sacred aspects of ourselves and our national life that other political figures cannot, for they are limited to representing only what current fads will allow.

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There's religious truth - and then there's politically opportune religious 'truth'

It is typical of the Archbishop of Canterbury to use a moment when the media floodlight is full on him to say something awkward.

Typically brave, controversial, and timely, that is.

Contrary to the myth surrounding his incumbency, he has managed to go on communicating presciently and meaningfully into the public square, whatever the obstacles he faces (and an amateurish media department has not been the least of them).

Far from being an incoherent geek always putting his foot in it, Rowan Williams understands the times and what will resonate.

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Secularization is over, all bar the shouting.

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Secularization is in retreat.  One of the surprising aspects of David Cameron’s de-secularizing speech at Christ Church, Oxford to commemorate the end of the 400th anniversary year of the King James Bible was that evangelical Christians seemed unwilling to acknowledge his striking recognition of the fact.

Rather than cheering a brave and careful contribution to a process that is well under way – the return of Christianity to the public sphere – they judged the man instead.

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