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The Oxford sex ring: dhimmitude meets decadence

‘I was desperate to get away but I was too terrified: they threatened to chop my son's head off and put it in a suitcase, and then kill me and my mum.

'I knew they would do it, too. They're not human,' she said. 'I have no doubt they would have killed me and done it painfully and slowly.’

This is not the testimony of a refugee fleeing a particularly vicious outbreak of retaliatory warfare in Syria, or a victim of a salafi kidnap attempt in Somalia – scenarios from the bottom of the world that sadden each day’s newspaper trawl.

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Thatcher's religion

by Jenny Taylor - 17th April 2013

If ever there were a need for religious literacy in world affairs, it is today with the passing of Lady Thatcher.

For if commentators don’t take her faith into the overall account of her political career, it is not possible to understand her.

People got hurt.  But the country itself was dying.  People have short memories.  Or else they were cocooned from what menaced Britain up to the 1970s and beyond. 

Edward Heath had declared a State of Emergency five times in three years.

The communist-inspired strikes that

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Archbishop Welby: 'We will re-convert the country'

By Guest Blogger Andrew Atherstan

Archbishop Justin Welby very seldom uses the E-word – ‘Evangelical’. He mentions it only when amongst friends. Speaking at New Wine, for example, in 2006 he declared: ‘I’m an orthodox Bible-believing Evangelical ... Scripture is my final authority for all matters of life and of doctrine.’ But it’s not a label he usually chooses to define himself.

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