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Women bishops

One small thought.  If the church is advocating ‘flat structures’, is anti-hierarchy, professes a saviour who told his disciples not to lord it over each other, and went everywhere with people whom he described as ‘friends’ and whose slave he insisted on being right to the very end, why do they want bishops?

The Christians who run a Delhi madrasa

by Jenny Taylor - 31st October 2012

As Islamophobia Awareness Month starts on Friday 2 November at the London Muslim Centre, here’s an example of Islamophilia, sent me by a Muslim friend, that might cheer things on a bit. 

Christians in Delhi are running a madrasa for girls in a slum district.

They’re not just any old Christians either.  They’re the inheritors of the extraordinary legacy of the Cambridge Brotherhood  (since renamed Delhi Brotherhood Society) who founded St Stephen’s Hospital and St Stephen’s School – alma mater of Rajiv Gandhi.

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Tom Holland's Islam film: the scholar versus the booby

by Jenny Taylor - 5th September 2012

Historian Tom Holland is bravely shrugging off Twitter threats this week following broadcast of his Channel 4 documentary Islam: the Untold Story.

What’s been even harder for him to take is the media’s inability to cope with it: religious illiteracy to coin a phrase.

Now Channel 4 have cancelled the screening party due to be held next week.

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