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Is the so-called Islamic State Islamic?

by Jenny Taylor - 3rd September 2014

A debate has raged on this website among scholars on whether the 'essence' of Islam is what gives rise to the sickening violence in Syria and Iraq, degrading all our lives and politics.

Yet when experts cannot agree, it is little wonder how unconvincing Barack Obama and other leaders sound when they declare definitively that the so-called IS 'speaks for no religion', and in reference to the beheading of journalist James Foley, 'no just God would stand for what they did yesterday ...'

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Warsi's resignation - also 'disproportionate'

by Husein Moloobhoy - 7th August 2014

I am still trying to make sense of why it is that Baroness Warsi felt so emotionally compelled to submit her resignation. She would like us to believe that it was the disproportionate use of force by the Israeli government on the residents of Gaza.

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Another Trojan Horse

by Jenny Taylor - 4th June 2014

There is no smoke without fire.  Day one of the Megamosque Inquiry in London’s Docklands and already the only Muslim brave enough to give evidence against the mosque has withdrawn.  Why?  Not because she was ‘intimidated’, but because she was ‘persuaded’. 

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