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Saudi Arabia and the Spectre of Protest

By guest blogger, Irfan Al-Alawi

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Mubarak: believe the jokes!

By Guest Blogger, Arne Fjeldstad

In highly censored societies, jokes about the rulers are important sources of gauging the national temper. They convey the unvarnished truth about public perception of a person and a regime, and offer real glimpses into the mood of the country and its culture.

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Cameron still needs to give 'values' language more content

As David Cameron at last offers some - albeit tentative - leadership on the questions that have long beset us (identity; 'multiculturalism'; learning to discriminate between kinds of citizen - i.e. those that love their country and those that seek to destroy it; a common home, all of which I've written about ad nauseam since 1989), it is time also to recover not just our own voices on these vexed issues, but invest the language of values about which Cameron remains wilfully vague, with some meaningful content. 

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