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Religion as face-off

by Jenny Taylor - 9th June 2010

This is not the church as I know it.  This is ECWA – the offspring of the Sudan Interior Mission, a five million strong Presbyterian denomination centred in Plateau State’s uneasy capital Jos.  Sassy, less solemn than the Anglican churches I know in Uganda and Sudan – and my hosts this week.

Kind, brave and perplexed by the Muslim enmity with which they are either forced to live – or migrate, a phenomenon now on the increase from this 99 per cent Christian area on Nigeria’s religious faultline.

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Tariq Ramadan is not serious

Can Islam be reformed? What role, if any, should government play in bringing about reform?

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Islam's 'homeless mind'

by Jenny Taylor - 13th January 2010

I admit I was apprehensive.  The words Deobandi Dar-ul-Uloom had haunted me for years – and here I was preparing to drive there to check it out.

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