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Arming Libyans: Time for a Religious Freedom Test?

by Jenny Taylor - 15th April 2011

This article first appeared as a Guardian Comment here

An odd thing happened at the Frontline Club the other night.  In a discussion about the ‘new world order’ following the Arab uprisings, and the vexed question of whom to support as traditional allegiances shift and break, a woman at the back of the audience suddenly spoke up: What about a religious freedom test?

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The Qur'an: from Ashes to Ashes

by Arne Fjeldstad - 8th April 2011

BASED ON THE VOLUME and intensity of recent press coverage, it might be surprising that the first recorded burning of Islam’s holy book was not in a Florida church’s parking lot - nor did a Christian conduct that first burning.  The now-infamous pastor Terry Jones was preceded in history by the 3rd

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How religion underwrites the unrest in Syria and Yemen

by Irfan Al-Alawi - 1st April 2011

There is a hadith – a well-attested saying of Muhammad - that throws light on the religious underpinnings of the growing political unrest in Syria and Yemen.

Muhammad – peace be upon him – is said to have once prayed, ‘O Allah, bless us in our Syria (Shams), bless us in our Yemen.’  The authenticity of this hadith is established for Sunni Muslims by the great collectors of the Prophet’s sayings, Al-Bukhari and Muslim Ibn al-Hajjaj, both living in the ninth century CE, the third century of the Islamic era.

All Muslims follow the religious examples provided by Qur’an and

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