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Describing Coptic massacres as 'sectarian clashes' makes the West look stupid

by Jenny Taylor - 18th May 2011

PAUL MARSHALL, the Hudson Institute researcher and media commentator whom I admire enormously for his relentless championing of disenfranchised Christians around the world, has a nice turn of phrase.

He says that describing the massacre of Christians in Egypt as ‘sectarian clashes’ is like describing KKK lynchings as ‘racial clashes’.

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Arming Libyans: Time for a Religious Freedom Test?

by Jenny Taylor - 15th April 2011

This article first appeared as a Guardian Comment here

An odd thing happened at the Frontline Club the other night.  In a discussion about the ‘new world order’ following the Arab uprisings, and the vexed question of whom to support as traditional allegiances shift and break, a woman at the back of the audience suddenly spoke up: What about a religious freedom test?

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The Qur'an: from Ashes to Ashes

by Arne Fjeldstad - 8th April 2011

BASED ON THE VOLUME and intensity of recent press coverage, it might be surprising that the first recorded burning of Islam’s holy book was not in a Florida church’s parking lot - nor did a Christian conduct that first burning.  The now-infamous pastor Terry Jones was preceded in history by the 3rd

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