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Practise what you preach about religious literacy, Lady Warsi.

Sayeeda Warsi’s speech was brave, and also irritating.

Brave because the subject of religious illiteracy needs tackling, and such is the nature of British discourse about race or religion, it will only command a hearing when it comes from the underdog.  She grasped the poison chalice.

Annoying however because if this is the best we can do, after all the religious cataclysms of recent years, we’re in a terrible mess.

Brave because Warsi is a feisty who clearly feels able to tell the Pope what he should be doing.

But it’s annoying because it is illogi

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Mehdi Hasan: Was this a religious hate crime?


LONDON 6 December:- STUNNED LAST NIGHT at a Progress group event at the House of Commons to hear the Prevent strategy's architect, former Minister for Counter Terrorism, Hazel Blears, admit ignorance on what Islamism is.

 ‘We don’t know enough about Islamism,’ she told the meeting. 

So she has been bluffing all this time.  Now we know.  Yet she gave £70million to 'capacity build' mosques and projects that would prevent extremists becoming violent, without a real clue about what she was doing.

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Boris: Judaeo-Christian basis is 'false doctrine'

Are our public schoolboys quietly stitching us up over a game of tennis? 

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