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Nepal’s new constitution fails both religion and secularism

by Slok Gyawali - 30th September 2015

WESTERN ideas of ‘neutrality’ are leaving ordinary Nepalis behind – and, in banning conversion, the new constitution offends against freedom too. Lapido spoke to some of its architects.

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How could countries that see themselves as Christian close their doors to needy foreigners?

by Juraj Kušnierik - 23rd September 2015

SLOVAKIAN weekly newspaper editor Juraj Kusnierik offers a personal view of the crisis now engulfing the European Union.

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Egypt: Planting a tree for peace means more than ‘hugs and kisses’

by Jayson Casper - 17th September 2015

In a region where religion is causing havoc, it is also building a livable future.

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