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Freedom in Cuba remains a dream - writes former World correspondent

by Mariusa Reyes - 30th November 2016

CLAPPED-out Russian Ladas, endless speeches, and a ban on charities characterized Castro’s religion-hating revolution, writes former World correspondent MARIUSA REYES

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ANALYSIS Could do better: Ofsted is struggling in its attempts to crack down on illegal Islamic schools

by Irfan Al-Alawi - 23rd November 2016

DR IRFAN AL-ALAWI surveys the state of play between Britain’s unruly Muslim schools that are changing the culture of gender relations, and the courts.

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ANALYSIS The Islamization of the Labour Party Part 2

by Dr Paul Stott - 18th November 2016

IN PART TWO of DR PAUL STOTT’s analysis, he looks at the links between the left, academia, the state, and Islamist violence that are proving disastrous to Labour’s electoral appeal.

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